Beat This presents CO – Lab: Creative Online Collaboration – for: musicians • artists • makers • lyricists • songwriters • creative people.


Beat This CIC is very happy to announce that we have received funding from Cambridgeshire Community Foundation (through PCVS), Tesco Bags Of Help, Youth Music and The Arts Council England to research, plan and deliver innovative and adaptive 1-2-1 music based mentoring, collaborative workshops and eventual studio sessions as part of a project platform we are launching called CO - Lab.

CO – Lab is delighted to offer free online remote workshops and specialised mentoring.

Children, Young people and adults (SEND support available) will have access to; support for projects, exploring new ideas or simply being creative with others.

Nothing to do at home? Have a go with CO – Lab! Need help with lyrics or a track?

Contact CO – Lab.

Have an idea for some amazing art /music? Chat to CO – Lab.

We are 100% funded to collaborate with you and support your creativity, so Sign – up today.

Either sign up HERE or email

Drop In Sessions: For Ages 10 - 25

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We encourage all of the people that attend 1-2-1 focus sessions at Chime Creation Centre to

setup and manage their own online musical journal or 'blog' as people call it nowadays.

The blog is a way for people to share their ideas, experiences and creations with

those closest to them including family, friends and a circle of support

and also with the whole world of course!

It is also a fantastic way to improve skills in communication, ICT and enterprise.

Below is an ever evolving 'feed' from the online blog's of many the

different people using the centre.