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Yaxley In Words


Yaxley In Words

Recently Xidus Pain, Rap Artist and Practitioner at Beat This worked with some young people at Yaxley Youth centre to produce lyrics and raps for a video called “Yaxley In Words”.

Xidus specialises in Lyric Writing workshops which help with English creative writing, confidence building & breaking down boundaries and prejudice within groups.

Xidus and the youth workers at Yaxley worked together with young teenagers asking them questions about what they value about living in Yaxley & what improvements they think could be made there.

They took important points which were raised by the group about Yaxley and turned them to rap lyrics this helped the group express themselves in a positive manner.

Yaxley In Words was put together by Zoe Davidson (ADeC), Helen Martins (Youth Worker) and Project Trident who put the film together. |

Take a look at this wonderful little film

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