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We Didn’t ‘Arf Make Some Noise!


We Didn’t ‘Arf Make Some Noise!

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On August 30th a very strange experiment took place at Chime Creation Centre.  Odd noises were  most certainly heard by the local community of Norfolk Street on that day.

Battery operated musical toys were ripped apart and short-circuited in order to make strange squeaks, bleeps and burps; pieces of fruit and objects like spanners were used to create beats and trigger obscure sounds;  Wii remote controllers and tablets were used to warp and mangle rhythms and create new sonic textures.

All in all the “Noise & Toys” event was an incredibly fun day.  It was just the first event of, hopefully many, put on by Beat This at the Community Music Centre.  The event was totally free and was supported by Phonic and the Youth Music Network.

For those that attended the all-day workshop, most people had little experience in circuit-bending, Makey Makey or music software and applications, so a lot was learned by all.  People seemed a lot more weirded out by the time they left, but in a good way of course :)

Here are just a few of the photo’s from the day, please keep watching this space for more information about future Noise & Toys events and workshops.  Stay sonic.

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