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We All Speak Music: A Short Film


We All Speak Music: A Short Film

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“We All Speak Music” is a short film documenting the connections, collaborations and journeys people experienced by participating in “Intune”; a project designed and delivered by Beat This during 2014.

Intune is a cross-cultural music project that explores the cultural diversity of our hometown, Peterborough using music as the bridge to bring people together.

Intune set out to break down some of the barriers faced by people and communities living in Peterborough by providing unique interactive workshops focusing on:
Learning about musical instruments, styles and performances from different cultures,
Gaining new skills in music, music technology, sound engineering and performance,
Collaborating with other musicians from around the world,
Composing and Capturing original music fusing together what people have learnt.

“Intune” was an experiment that set out to bring more people together through music. We believe that it did indeed succeed in helping to make new connections, building confidence and improving aspirations and motivations and made musicians out of people.

“Intune” was just the beginning of a continuing process. We are based in the most diverse area of Peterborough and we intend to provide more opportunities for people to come together to learn, play, record and perform music together.

To watch the film, just follow this link
Tel: 01733 873014

We All Speak Music was written and produced by Benny Turner 2014.

Intune was funded by the City College Peterborough.