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The Crossover Project brings new Music Leaders into the fold

Tim Steiner, one of the countries leading Community Musicians delivering a workshop to Crossover participants on working with large groups

The Crossover Project brings new Music Leaders into the fold

The Crossover project has finally come to an end, well for some anyway.. Throughout Spring we have been delivering a skills-sharing project that have enabled over adults over 19yrs the chance to become Music Practitioners and to work with Beat This delivering workshops in the community.  They did not need any experience, but it helped to have a passion for music and a drive to work with in the community, helping people through music.


All of the participants were either seeking employment or considered as economically disadvantaged in some way.  The Crossover project has given them the chance to break out of that cycle, become self-employed and  work as freelance Music Practitioners that are benefitting the community.

The project was funded by NLDC, the Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities Fund.  Since the Crossover launch in January 2012 8 new trainee Music Practitioners have taken the leap and have started delivering music workshops.

Beat This can now reach more people in Peterborough which can only be a good thing :)