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Peterborough Presents…Working With Young People


Peterborough Presents…Working With Young People

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1.       Rife workshop: Running online magazines
Tuesday 28th October
Metal, Chauffeurs Cottage, 1 St Peter’s Road, PE1 1YX (behind Town Hall)
Rife is a Bristol based magazine ran by and for young people; covering film, music, art, culture, social issues and politics, Rife is everywhere covering everything Bristol has to offer its young people through all their favourite channels, like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Vines, photos and more. In this pro-active workshop the Rife team will talk about how they set up and run the magazine. Working with the Rife team workshop participants will use online tools and channels to test ideas for creating a new youth led digital platform in Peterborough
To book your free place call 01733 207239 or email

2.       Chamber of Culture stimulus day: Collaborating with young people
Wednesday 29th October
Peterborough Central Library, Broadway
The Chamber of Culture stimulus days are intended to do just that… stimulate ideas for developing new and exciting arts activities in Peterborough. Each session is themed. First we explore and understand the theme through innovative speakers introducing examples of ground-breaking projects. Then, using these examples as our inspiration, we work together to develop ideas for arts activities that could happen in our city.
Today’s theme is: Collaborating with young people and will explore how the arts sector can work with and for young people. This session is open to artists, community groups, young people…all those who have an interest in growing Peterborough’s creative sector.  The idea is to bring people together from all arts disciplines and backgrounds, who may not have thought about working with each other previously, to ‘stimulate’ possible partnerships and new projects.
Following the stimulus day, participants are encouraged to make their idea a reality by applying for support from the Peterborough Presents… Development Fund.  The fund will provide up to £2000 of funding for projects that will help grow the city’s arts audiences.
To book your free place call 01733 207239 or email
3.       Peterborough Presents… takeover
On the weekend of February 7th/8th 2015 Peterborough’s Key Theatre will be taken over by the Young Producers’ Network. This is a network of young people, aged 16-25, working together to create arts activities for their age group. Working with a professional event co-ordinator the network members will programme a mix of music, dance, theatre, spoken word and visual arts workshops and performances. They’ll also support the marketing and promotion of the event. If you’re interested in joining the network and getting involved in the event contact Josie Hickin at
4.       Young Producers Training Programme
The Young Producers Training Programme is aimed at writers, musicians, artists, performers and creators, aged 16-25, wanting to develop their practice and careers, and contribute to Peterborough’s growing creative sector.
It is a six month paid training programme designed to equip participants with the skills, experience and contacts that they need to build their own creative career. The aim is to invest in the development of creative young people in Peterborough, with the long-term vision of growing the local arts sector and increasing audiences, especially amongst young people. We are now looking to recruit four young people, who are living in the Greater Peterborough area, to participate in the first round of this exciting training programme. For more information contact Alice Johnson at Ignite at
5.       Job opportunity: Event Co-ordinator
The Event Co-ordinator will work with a group of young people (aged 16-25) to programme and promote a weekend takeover of Peterborough’s Key Theatre in February 2015. Experienced in event management and working with young people, the post holder will collaborate with a network of young people to deliver a weekend of music, dance, theatre, spoken word and visual arts workshops and performances. Fee of £5500 for approx. 28 days work including expenses and VAT. Application by CV and covering letter: closing date of October 31st. For a full job description email
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Kind regards
Josie Hickin
Peterborough Presents… Programme Manager
Tel: 01733 864 529
Mobile: 07920 160510

  1. Peterborough Presents…  the city’s Creative People & Places programme, supported by ACE, PCC and NNF Bridge, and led by Vivacity in a consortium with Creative Peterborough, Metal, Step Up Community Association and Voluntary Arts.