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Lavalamp LIVE: Beyond The Grant


Lavalamp LIVE: Beyond The Grant

Who say’s that “sustainability” is  myth?  Well the Lavalamp Lighters Band are proving them wrong! The band have come together after a  summer break to discuss how they want to keep the band going and move forward with their musical careers and development.

Even though now that the initial funding from Comic Relief and  Microsoft Research, (through Cambridgeshire Community Foundation) has come to an end, the band are eager and ready to continue rehearsing for their upcoming gigs on Saturday 20th July at the Club 73 Fundraising Fete and on Saturday 14th September at the Goldhay Arts Summer Ball.

The Lavalamp Lighters met at Chime Creation Centre on Monday 8th July and as a group decided to carry on practicing at Chime on a weekly basis and to pay for rehearsals themselves after July ends, just as any live band would do.

The Lavalamp Lighters met at Chime Creation Centre to decide how they want to move forward

The Lavalamp Lighters met at Chime Creation Centre to decide how they want to move forward

Lavalamp Project Co-ordinator, and Director Ben Turner said, “we are always trying to keep the project work going at Beat This and in this time of austerity, where the Community and Voluntary Sector are becoming more competitive, there is an ever-increasing strain on small independent groups like ourselves to apply for more grant funding.  However, with funding becoming harder and harder to access, we are encouraging more and more people and groups that we are supporting to take their musical development into their own hands. We are proving that we can keep great things going.”

Beat This be continuing to support the Lavalamp Lighters with their musical journey and hope that we will be seeing them on tour playing at the O2 arena in years to come!

The band will be working towards their 1st E.P release and will be continuing to book gigs.

For more information about the Lavalamp LIVE project or any other projects that Beat This are delivering, please contact: | 01733 873014