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Feature: A Day In The Life Of Music Practitioner – Xidus Pain

Feature: A Day In The Life Of Music Practitioner – Xidus Pain

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We thought we’d ask Beat This Music Practitioner and writer/rapper extraordinaire George Barrett, AKA Xidus Pain how he spends a regular day doing what he loves the most - music.

7:00 am – Wake up have a shower / brush my teeth  get dressed while listening
to Jazz mixtapes which feature Nina Simone, Nat King Cole , Ella Fitzgerald
and Ray Charles to create a nice vibe.

9:00 am    I sort through my paper work which includes my flexible lesson plan
& notes & quotes & print, organize & arrange them while listening to Marvin
Gaye & Mos Def Mesh album by Amerigo Gazaway called
Yasiin Gaye – The Return .It’s not to Heavy its a nice balance of
Soulful, Smooth lyrics & vocals from Marvin Gaye & Mos Def’s laid back
voice & Lyrics put me in a productive mood.

10:00am   While on my travels in the car I listen to some positive affirmation tapes
by Bob Proctor & when I reach the train station I pick up the pace with
a little BiG Pun – Capital Punishment , AZ or  Pharoahe Monch.

10:30am   I pick beats that I am going to use for the workshop as back ground music while
people are writing I make sure the beats are simple 90 – 94 BPM beats and I also
pick my Freestyle beats I listen to them for about 2 seconds & chose so any
changes in the beat are a surprise to me as well as the students. I also pick a
nice Southern sounding double time Trap beat for warm up exercises as they
always wake students up and up lift spirits.

11:00am   Arrive at session set up music system / Laptop or just pop a CD in.
While class enter class I play Labrinth’s version of Express Yourself to let the
Students know the session is about self expression.

11:15am   Students arrive in lesson while Labrinth – Express Yourself’s playing.
I introduce myself or the teacher introduces me then I showcase my Rap Skills.
Stickers & colourful pens are given to students to write names or nick names on I
do the same. We then do 2 warm up exercises that are Ice breakers / Fun games.

12:00pm   Put the class into little groups & give & them all a A3 sheet of paper
to write answers to a little brain storm quiz which relates to the topic of
discussion Family, Science, Social Justice anything.
When we’ve gone through some questions we work on some Rhyme Schemes.

1:00pm    Ask the class to write down random words on a sheet of A3 paper
Then I leave the room they’re writing words or look away & then
I pop back in the room & play a HipHop Instrumental & I link all the
words on the page together to create a Rap to show how to link all the words
in their brain storms.

1:15pm    I play some nice laid back HipHop Beats while the groups are writing their Raps
I then walk around helping students with ideas such as hooks, Rhymes & Flows.
Set up equipment while everyone’s writing getting ready to record.

2:00pm   Have the groups showcase their Raps A cappella or over a beat and record them.
High 5 and congratulate all the students for their Amazing work.
As the class leave I play a nice positive song Naughty By Nature –
HipHop Hooray or Pharrell Williams- Happy so everybody leaves on a good vibe.

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