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An Introduction To Drums with Drumsense


An Introduction To Drums with Drumsense

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Ever fancied playing the drums??

Join Beatthis and drum tuition pioneers Drumsense, for a fun
introduction to one of the loudest, popular and important
instruments you can get to grips with!!

Led by Drumsense accredited tutor Steve Burge, this workshop is designed to
teach anyone the fundamentals
of the drum kit, in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Steve is a professional session drummer,
clinician and tutor who just happens to be blind!

Steve is passionate about teaching Drumsense to both blind and sighted musicians and offers the unique opportunity for both Drumsense students and tutors to experience the benefits of exploring life behind the kit as a blind person developing the skills of aural and spacial awareness.

So, whether you have a disablity or not, all you need is an interest in the drums. This could be the start of a new journey for you!!

Join us and expand your senses!!

Date: Thursday 15th June 2017
Time: 12pm – 3pm
Venue:Chime Creation Centre, Unit A, The Courtyard, Norfolk Street
Peterborough, PE1 2NP.

Tel:07513 360050

Tickets are just £3, available on the door.